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Unique Wigs offers all of the services you need for the complete look you desire. All of our personalized looks are based on your features and desired image. At Unique Wigs, consultations are always complimentary!

Our complimentary, in-depth, private consultations focus on one thing: giving you the hair you always wanted. Whether you want longer hair, thicker hair, a different style or color —or have medical hair loss—we’ll help you decide which of the hundreds of customized solutions we offer is the best one for you. During your initial consultation:

  • First and foremost, we listen to what your goals and needs are in a relaxed boutique/salon atmosphere

  • Analyze your hair, your scalp

  • Discuss your goals, lifestyle and budget

  • Explore the reasons behind your hair loss, or your medical needs

  • Explain the various options

  • Jointly select the best solution for you

  • Clarify the maintenance and home-care of your selected solution

  • We’ll also take any necessary measurements and use our color rings against your hair, hair sample or picture to ensure that you’re Wig or Hairpiece will be a perfect match with your hair type, color, texture and wave pattern. Often, you can have the hair you want that very day in the same visit because we offer both highly customized and ready-to-wear solutions.

    All of our Wigs and Hairpieces are made from the finest-quality human hair or synthetic hair from our industries leading designers and manufacturers. Once you have made a choice the Wig or Hairpiece is expertly fitted, cut, styled, hand finished and personally adjusted, whether it is custom-created for you or selected from our substantial in-house inventory. We offer hundreds of different types of hair additions, wigs and hairpieces, and our boutique/salon allows for the ultimate in comfort and discretion.

    Please take a moment and read what we offer our customers:

  • Privacy with a walled private viewing, fitting & styling area at your request

  • Discreet packaging and shipping

  • Best quality wigs and hairpieces from today’s top designers and manufacturers

  • Wig and hairpiece sales

  • Wigs styling and cleaning

  • Wig cutting and trimming - free when you buy from us

  • No appointment necessary during our business hours

  • Adjusting, re-sizing wig caps

  • Customize clip-in extensions

  • Bridal Services

  • Wig Repairs

  • Please remember our Services offer to each customer before and after your purchase from Unique Wigs! Any questions, please give us a call at (770) 552-5811 or simply fill out the contact form here on our website for further information and assistance.

    Customer Reviews

    • “Ms. Tommie went our of her to make sure that my hair looked great for our annual family July 4th celebration with recommending a vented cap wig not to be to hot during the Southern summer heat. A big THANKS!!!”- Irene H. - 07/1/2016     
    • “Love Tommie, she is great, so sensitive to our needs! The Hospital I have been attending for Chemo treatments has a wig shop, so expensive. Unique Wigs for the same wig was almost 50% less, with a lady that knows her clients and products. My friends and co-workers could not believe she matched my own hair color exactly. Great service for ladies losing our beautiful hair due to Chemo.”- Claire R. -02/14/2015     
    • “Any lady going through Chemotherapy losing your beloved hair should visit with Ms. Tommie at Unique Wigs". She has been such a “Ray of Sunlight"”- Sandy A. - 09/25/2011     
    • “Great customer service, prices! Took my mother that is going through Chemo a few weeks ago. She met with the owner and could not stop talking about her for days, how nice, knowledgeable and customer friendly toward my mother, hence my kind review! ”- TheGreenbergFoodie - 12/06/2010     
    • “The natural teen... My teen daughter is going through Chemo at CHA, she lost her hair which I could not every imagined how this would affect her. The owner of the shop took a picture matched it very very close to her natural color and style. Megan loves it. A BIG Thanks ”- Artsy Gal - 05/06/2009     
    • Consultation always FREE
    • Wig & Hairpiece Sales
    • Wig Fittings
    • Wig Cut/Styling
    • Wig Cleaning/Styling
    • Wig Accessories & Products
    • Color Matching

    • I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser. - Joan Crawford    
    • I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly , I can usually see something of beauty in it - Alexander McQueen    
    • Gorgeous Hair Is The Best Revenge - BH    
    • Friends don't let Friends purchase Wigs & Hairpieces online! See real product knowledge and customer service in your local Wig Salon. - Juliana Escarcha    