Unique Wigs offers an amazing selection of wigs, hairpieces, Hats, Turbans & Scarves and wig accessories, in the latest trend setting styles, hand picked by our hair stylist and hair experts from the top wig designers and manufacturers in the world. Whether you know what you want, or need help selecting the right look for you, we’ve got you covered!


Our ladies high fashion Wigs allow women the opportunity to have beautiful, natural looking hair whenever they want. Women are often frustrated with bad hair days so an affordable solution is a stylish natural looking woman’s wigs for everyday use or simply just wanting a new hair style or a special need possibly going through Cancer or Alopecia treatments, we got you covered. Unique Wigs also carries various Scalp & Skin Care products especially formulated for sensitive skin while undergoing medical treatments!

As Ms. Tommie says, “This is not your grandmother’s wig anymore”. Advancements in wig design, the manufacturing process have made wigs and hairpieces look and feel like your natural hair and come in almost every natural color possible.

Most styles we offer are made from quality synthetic hair fibers. Synthetic hair wigs processing techniques have made wig styles more manageable and look as natural as human hair. For any hair style desire, our wide selection of women wigs vary from classic, and trendy, modern to contemporary. Be sexy one minute and conservative the next.

Our ladies wigs come in short, medium and long hair lengths, from straight, wavy to curly. Standard head size is average, but we do also offer petite and large cap size wigs. If you wish to experiment with a new hair style or for those women experiencing hair loss, a natural wig is a sensible alternative and solution with comfortable, Natural Looking Wigs.

Ladies with sensitive scalps or who just want a more comfortable wig, we offer a selection of Monofilament, Hand-tied and Lace Front Wigs. Monofilament top and lace front wigs are ideal wigs for women with hair loss. Mono-top styles are slightly more expensive than standard wig, but offer exceptional comfort and natural appearance, along with greater styling flexibility and versatility.

Although Unique Wigs has one of the largest inventories of Wigs, Hairpieces and Wig accessories in the metropolitan Atlanta area, we on occasion have to order a product for a customer which typically take only a few days to receive and will try to accommodate each and every customer in the interim.


Hair pieces are partial wigs and hair additions that add volume and body to fine, thin hair. These hairpieces can be used to enhance your natural hair for everyday wear or special occasions. They are also perfect for hiding thinning hairlines.

As with wigs, hair pieces offer many variations in construction and materials. Easily removable hair additions – including clip in hair pieces, wiglets, half wigs and hair scrunchies – are gentle on your own hair, easy to wear and supremely natural looking. These hair pieces can accommodate very specific style needs.

For women who have experienced visible hair loss, a hair addition with a monofilament base design is ideal; the nearly invisible mesh base makes it look like the hair is growing from your scalp. For those looking to add volume to fine, thin hair, pull-through integration hair pieces provide extra volume to your natural hair.

At Unique Wigs our hair pieces are designed to be comfortable and to blend seamlessly with your own hair. These hair additions enhance – rather than cover your own hair. At Unique Wigs, we have all the different types of hairpieces and additions to suit your every need. We can even custom design a hairpiece specifically for your individual needs.

Hats, Turbans & Scarves

Not quite ready for a wig selection? Unique Wigs has a variety of comfortable turbans, hats & scarves in many colors and styles to fit your mood and lifestyle. Get the latest in hats, scarves & accessories from some of the top designers and best quality Hats, Turbans & Scarves on the market today!

Care Products & Accessories

In order to properly care for your wig or hair piece, you will need hair care products specifically designed for the type of hair piece you have. Unqiue Wigs recommends the Brandywine wigs care line. Unqiue Wigs has a full line of wig care and styling shampoos, sprays, brushes, comes and care kits from the top wig care products companies to help keep your investment looking fresh for many years to come.

Scalp & Skin Care

To provide a solution to our customers dealing with cancer medical treatment skin-related side effects, Unique Wig is proud to offer a complete line of skincare products especially formulated for individuals starting cancer medical treatments. All of the products are dermatologist- and allergy-tested.

The Skin Care products were designed to help individuals feel better both physically and emotionally, and gain a greater degree of control over the side effects they experience from their treatments.

So, come in today to speak with the stylist at Unique Wigs for a no cost no obligation wig consultation!