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Welcome to Unique Wigs

When working with hair, especially wigs and hairpieces the possibilities are infinite! It’s art and it’s taste. And you learn from the people you work with over the years. Our work is always about making sure a customers feels good and looks good. And when that is accomplished, we want her or him to learn how to manage her hair to meet the demands of her or his life are the most aspects of serving each and every customer!

Unique Wigs is full service wig, hairpiece and related accessories salon located in historic Roswell, Georgia in the northern metropolitan area of Atlanta providing friendly personal service for women, men and children of all ages who have experienced hair loss. Our private fitting areas assures your privacy and comfort if you desire. We specialize in patients who are having Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments, as well as those who have Alopecia as well as ladies looking for a quick and easy alternative hair solution to their daily routine.

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly , I can usually see something of beauty in it”. - Alexander McQueen    
Our Expertise

At, Unique Wigs our caring and friendly hair loss specialists led by our President, Owner and Lead Stylist – Ms. Tommie McDermott who brings well over 40 years of beauty experience as a Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Senior Management and Director of such companies as Unique Beauty Supply, Unique Retail Group, Revlon, Sally Beauty Company and Alberto Culver and more directly here at Unique Wigs & Supply will assist you with choosing the perfect hair solution in an private and modern salon. Unique Wigs offers a personalized, transformational hair experience unlike any other in our marketplace. Our caring experts first and foremost will take the time to listen to you, and get it right the first time.

Our selection of over 1000 wigs, hair pieces, and hair accessories will allow us to find you a virtually undetectable hair solution allowing you to walk away feeling confident and looking beautiful. The entire Unique Wigs team is also very proud to be considered top experts in cutting, coloring and styling all types of wigs, hair pieces and toppers by many of the industry leading designers and manufacturers.

At Unique Wigs we constantly attend advanced and continuing education classes to stay up on the latest trends, styles and techniques with the major designers and manufacturers. Helping people change the way they look and feel about themselves is the goal of the Unique Wigs team. Having a positive impact and changing lives is an everyday way of serving each of our customer’s wishes and needs… that is the Unique Wigs way.

At Unique Wigs we take pride in delivering innovative, trendsetting solutions in a wide variety of wigs, hairpieces, accessories, and wig care products and services, with special focus on what you, our valued client is looking for in today’s hair color, length and style. I set out to build Unique Wigs for our clients to feel relaxed and comfortable while visiting our salon. We are also very proud of our fabulous innovative achievements made over the years within our industry to help women achieve that natural look!

A Simple Mission

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Our Mission at Unique Wigs is straight forward in providing our clients with one of the largest selections of the finest quality alternative hair products in the Atlanta metropolitan area, while nurturing lasting relationships and offering caring, friendly, expert advice with world-class customer service in a safe, private, modern and inviting atmosphere. Unique Wigs is in the business of changing lives every day over the past 22 years of service, making each of our valued clients feel better about themselves in a more positive way!

Cancer & Alopecia Related Hair Loss

At Unique Wigs, for over 22 years, we have been assisting ladies, teens, children and a few men along the way hair loss due to cancer-related chemotherapy treatments, called anagen effluvium, is typically temporary but it is also emotionally devastating. It occurs because chemotherapy treatments affect all cells in the body, not just cancer cells. And hair follicles are particularly sensitive, shutting down during growth or anagen phase of the hair life cycle, leading to hair loss.

Most cancer patients will, at some point in their treatment, experience hair loss, but it depends upon the drugs and dosages. Hair loss can be sudden or slow, you may lose all of your hair or some of your hair and it can affect your eyebrows, eyelashes and even body hair.

The best way to address chemo-related hair loss is by planning ahead. Our experts can help you deal with the prospect of hair loss BEFORE it actually happens, so that you’re prepared with the tools you’ll need when the time comes. If possible, save some locks of hair, and/or bring into Unique Wigs a clear, well lite picture of your hair showing the color and style whereby we can match to one of the many styles, colors and brands we carry!

The word alopecia, quite simply, means hair loss. There are, however, many types of alopecia. The most common form is androgenetic alopecia. For men, this is referred to as male pattern thinning – thinning from the crown, or a receding hairline. For women it’s called female pattern thinning and is usually diffuse hair loss across the entire scalp. But hair loss is far more complicated for women than for men, largely due to myriad causes and a psychological effect that can be very difficult to accept.

Besides genetic female pattern thinning, there are many other reasons for women’s hair loss, including menopause-related hormonal imbalances, reactions to prescription drugs, lupus disease, post-partum/stress-related shedding (called telogen effluvium), Alopecia Areata (spotty hair loss), damaged hair from harsh chemical treatments (Scarring Alopecia), or even tight hair braiding (Traction Alopecia) that is common with African American women.

At Unique Wigs, you’ll find quiet and private consultation areas in which you can visit with our experienced professionals. They can help you choose a style and match your hair’s color and texture. Unique Wigs has many styles, colors, textures, and sizes from which to choose. People that lose their hair as a result of chemotherapy often find their scalps (and skin) are quite tender at first, so it’s important to try different types of wigs before making a decision. Our expert stylists will take the time to help you determine which wig is right for you and help you face the challenge head-on. And we can also help you with makeup and skin care in anticipation of very sensitive skin.